Freshman Letter

Dear Freshman of 2017-2018,

Let’s be honest here I have no clue how I survived ninth-grade year. To me ninth-grade caused me the biggest headache in the world. I only have 2 days left of school after today and I stayed up tell midnight last night doing homework and studying. First off do not walk into your freshman year thinking it’s going to be easy because it’s not. Some ways you can improve your ninth-grade year is by sleeping, studying, sleeping, do your homework, and sleeping. I can not tell you enough how much I wish I had gotten more sleep. Don’t stay up to watch your favorite show on Netflix. It’s gonna be there the next day or when you actually have time to watch Netflix. I started out the year going to bed around 10, but now I go to bed at 8:30. High school is no joke. If you don’t try and just don’t care all year YOU WON’T PASS. I made the top 15 this year and I did that by SlEEPING, studying, getting up early, and surrounding myself with good people. If your one of those kids that think you’re cool or bad then you need to stop right now. If give off a bad attitude and think you’re all that, there is almost a 100% chance that an upperclassman is gonna beat the crap out of you to put you in your place. Fighting is another thing. There are lot’s and lot’s of fights that happen in high school so don’t be bummed out if you miss one. People have gotten arrested before and honesty it’s not that exciting. Have friends with the people who have the same interest as you. Don’t be a drama queen because most people find them annoying. Freshman, you are freshman don’t try to be at the top with the seniors because most of them are to mature for you and don’t wanna deal with your petty drama if you have any. They would rather be spending their last year of high school celebrating and getting all the classes they need to graduate. Freshman girls, don’t date seniors. It’s just weird and wrong, you are probably closer to the age of his little sister and they are graduating and most likely going to college so they might break up with you anyway. If you are like me and are serious about your grades and your education don’t let the drama and hassle of having another person to worry about hold you back. In my opinion, if you are like me and care about your education don’t date a guy who doesn’t care about his education or just don’t date at all. You can’t drive, and you most likely don’t have jobs so what are you going to do anyway. Basically to sum up my freshman advice is don’t be stupid, stay out of the drama, do your work or you’re not going to pass, actually care for once about something, and keep your nose and thoughts to yourself. Good Luck Freshman!!

My Childhood

My childhood was full of playgrounds

Freezing winter days and snow forts

Huge icicles bigger than baseball bats

Big farm houses and shelter homes

My childhood had wind and sunshine

The wind wiped through my hair and as I rode down the street on my Elmo bike

Hot summer days and melting popsicles

Blues Clues, Clifford, Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse Club House

Dancing with wiggles on Sunday mornings before church

Learning how to swim in my grandma’s huge pool

Singing in the car to all the Disney songs

Playing the Dinosaur Game

Baths filled to the rim with bubbles

Making up my own songs

Spending nights in the hospital after my surgery

Running freely through the tall fields of grass

Catching Fireflies before I lay down for bed

And sleeping in my Minnie Mouse bed with my Minnie Mouse pajamas.



by Cicely Reed

Light is  the beginning and the end

Walking into freshman year I saw light

I saw it when I woke up

I saw it when I fell asleep

Light helped me choose a path

Light helped me find my way

Light helps me see clearly in the darkness


Now the freshman light has come to an end

The light of summer is my new best friend


Bottle Cap


Shined with bright color

Attracted the weak, stupid, and wery

Held in what was inside

Not wanted

Thrown aside as the pleasure of the inside burst out.

Foaming, whirling and calling to those with the weak eyes.

Now rusted, alone, crushed, and small

The bottle cap had pleasure like those with weak eyes.

Feeling bright and alive

Feeling alive is gone

Now recognizing the past

The bottle cap

The ones with weak eyes

Lost, drunk, alone

Dents from the past

The rust on the cap feeds it away like the beer feeds away the soul of weak eyes


Photo by-DerekBoettger- PRODerek Boettger-



Blogs I Commented On

  1. The first blog I commented on was India’s. She is 9 and lives in Australia.I commented on her blog because she plays sports, I liked her name and does dance. That we have in common.  India’s blog.                                                                   Hey, India, my name is Cicely. I love your name so much. Do you play sports? I run track. Sport’s day seems like so much fun. My school doesn’t have one of those. Come visit my blog  
  2. The second blog I commented on was Alessandro. She is also from Austalia. I commented on that blog because the name caught my eye. Alessandro’s blog.                                                                                                                                            Hey, Alessandro, my name is Cicely. I really like your name. I hope that one day you get to go to Barcelona. One place I would like to visit is Australia.Come visit my blog
  3. The third blog I commented on was Ari’s blog.I commented on her blog because I really like what her post was about and the way she set it up. Ari’s blog.                                                                                                                                              Hello, Ari, my name is Cicely. I really like your post. I will probably do something similar on my blog. What is schnitzel? My favorite type of apples is yellow apples. What are yours? Come visit my blog
  4. The fourth blog I commented on was Lachlan’s blog. I commented on this blog because the name caught m eye.                   Hey, Lachlan, my name is Cicely. I also like baked potatoes. Potatoes are actually my favorite food. Do you only like baked potatoes? What about mashed or fried? I like them in every way but raw. Come visit my blog
  5. The final blog I commented on was Ashwyn’s Blog. I commented on her blog because her name caught my eye and because I could relate to her post.                                                                                                                                                         Hey, Ashwyn, my name is Cicely. I live in the United States. I also like the cold. I have never been to a place as snowy as Finland. I would like to visit Alaska though. Come visit my blog 

I found this blogging challegne to be difficult. It was hard to find blogs with other blogs linked on theirs. Also because the process of finding a blog to comment on was so long and time consuming.



What Band Is To Me

At my school, we have a marching band of about 113 people. We also have a concert band when marching band season is over. The upperclassmen are the seniors and juniors. The freshman and sophomore are considered underclassmen. I am a underclassman because I am a freshman. Marching band is a very long season. It goes from April all the way through football season. My first practice for the next season is on Tuesday next week then I’ll be considered a sophomore. When marching band ends concert band starts and goes through the rest of the school year. Red Storm University of Rio Grande

In my band, we take marching band very seriously. We practice all through the summer and then in August, we go to band camp. Band camp this year was at the Rio Grande. I personally like band camp but other people hate it. During band camp, everybody gets up early and we have a practice before breakfast outside. After breakfast, we have another practice from 9 am to noon outside in a big open field with no shade and lots of suns. Then we go eat lunch. After lunch, we have another full band practice inside then sectionals. Next, after sectionals, we have free time for 2 hours. During that time I either slept or took a shower. Once free time was over we had to be back down at the field by 6, which is about a 10 to 15-minute walk away from the dorms.  We would stay down there until 9 pm. At 9 band practice was over for that day. We would follow that schedule for the entire week that we were there.  In the picture above the Field behind the soccer field is where we walked every day for our 3-hour practice. The whole campus is shown in the picture below. You can’t see the field though it’s out of frame. When the actual season starts and we have shows, parades,  and football games band gets strict. If we don’t have our music memorized we don’t get the 3rd quarter for free time. If you make a stupid mistake or do something bad you have to run laps around the football field. Marching band can be a struggle but I still love it. This is a video of our show called “The American Pass Time”.
Red Storm University Rio Grande

When marching band is coming close to ending we have to audition for the symphonic band and the concert band. Everybody in the band gets the same piece of music and has to learn it on their own. Whatever score you get decides what band you get in. I learned a completely new instrument this year in band. I played the trumpet for 3 years and now this year it learned how to play french horn. During concert season we have 1 competition and then states if we get a 1. Symphonic band is going to states tomorrow. I wish then luck! Here is a link to our school’s concert band playing at a concert.  Being in the band is crazy. There are really really good days and really bad days. What makes it all worth it is the band party, being with friends, going to all the football games for free, and getting a 1 at state gives you the best feeling ever. The main reason I love band is because I get create music. I love music whether I’m listening to it walking down the hall, or dancing to it on the dance team, or just sitting in my room practicing. That’s what band is to me.



My Family

My family is not a big family. My family is, however, mixed race. My mom’s side of my family is white and my dad’s side is African American. I don’t know anyone on my dad’s side of the family, but on my mom’s side, I know everyone. I have a grandma and grandpa. Their names are Norma Shenk and Stanley Shenk. I have 3 aunts and 3 uncles.  My aunt’s names are Mary Welch, Kim Shenk, and Becky Shenk. My uncle’s names are Dave Shenk, Brian Welch, and Philip Shenk. My entire mom’s side of my family is religious. They are all Christians and go to church every Sunday. My grandma and grandpa have 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. I and my 6 brothers are the aunt and uncles to my niece, Christina. I already mentioned my brothers on my about me page.  My family gets together every holiday and celebrates. Most of my family are busy and talented people. 2 of cousins Hannah and Tyler are in the Ohio State Marching Band and one of my other cousins Lydia was prom queen her senior year and is a great artist. Other people in my family are either musicians, teachers, engineers, salesmen, or play a sport.  There has only been 1 death in my family and that was my grandpa who died around 2 years ago. That was one of the saddest times of my life. My family has grown since then but he will always mean everything to my family. That’s some things about my family.

Global Issues

Today’s global issues are drastic. There is global warming, hunger and agriculture issues, global financial crisis, military spending, and many more issues along with those. The most important issue out of all the issues in the world to me is global warming. According to the Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction, the world is heating up and no one knows why “The climate is changing.

The earth is warming up, and there is now overwhelming scientific consensus that it is happening, and human-induced. With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing.” Some scientist, however, has seemed to figure out some reasons why. According to the NASA Earth Observatory, “Earth has warmed and cooled time and again.

Climate has changed when the planet received more or less sunlight due to subtle shifts in its orbit, as the atmosphere or surface changed, or when the Sun’s energy varied. But in the past century, another force has started to influence Earth’s climate: humanity.” The effects of global warming threaten some of the animals on earth that relies on the cold. According to the National Geographic Global Warming Effects, animals that live in cold climates are suffering from the warming of the earth, ” Many species have been impacted by rising temperatures. For example, researcher Bill Fraser has tracked the decline of the Adélie penguins on Antarctica, where their numbers have fallen from 32,000 breeding pairs to 11,000 in 30 years”.

Overall, global warming is a big global issue. Global warming is killing the animals in our ecosystem, which will eventually affect humans. The worst thing about global warming is that there is no way to stop it. That’s why the most important global issue to me is global warming.

 How To Stop Global  Warming – AWE me

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